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~Shari Hudspeth

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hostess Info~The Hostess Packet

1. HOSTESS LETTER- This is a copy of the letter I include in my packets...

I am so excited that you have decided to host a party with THIRTY-ONE!
Here are a few things to be thinking about:

•I will need a table of some kind – a card table or coffee table works well. I have one I can bring if you do not have one.
•I will arrive 30 minutes prior to show to set up.
•You will want to send out your invitations about 2 weeks before your show. Usually about 1/3 of those invited will attend. So, invite away! The more guests that come = the more FREE products you receive!
•Get as many outside orders as you can! These really boost your sales and help you get even more FREE and ½ price items!
To total an order- Take the subtotal X 8% shipping. Go back to the subtotal X % sales tax (I can provide you with the sales tax for your area). Then add all three numbers to get your total. Please give me a call if you have further questions about shipping charges!
•Guests that cannot come to your party can order online at my website – www.mythirtyone.com/18535. They just go to “My Events” then click “Shop Now” beside your name. It’s very simple and much easier for you than collecting the orders and payments.
•Make a “wish list” of what items you’d like to get for free and half price BECAUSE:
•I would like to close your party THAT NIGHT! Please have any outside orders, along with payments, ready. Your guests that make the time to come to your party will appreciate getting their products as quickly as possible.
I will do everything I can to ensure your guests have fun and you earn LOTS OF FREE PRODUCTS! I will contact you about a week before your party to see how things are going and then again 2 days prior to get your guest count and directions. Should you need anything before I contact you, please do not hesitate to call me anytime!

I include a copy of the flyer for the monthly hostess and customer specials (from www.thirtyonetoday.com) under "Party Tools" in the "Consultant's Toolbox".

A copy can be found on www.thirtyonetoday.com under "Party Tools" in the "Consultant's Toolbox".

Be sure your name, email, phone number, and website are on the back of all catalogs!

These can be found on thirtyonetoday.com under "Party Tools" in the "Consultants Toolbox". There are regular forms and forms that include the monthly special. Be sure you contact info is on these too!

This can be found on thirtyonetoday.com under "Recruiting Tools".

I throw in some business cards and put all of this in a white polka-dot bag which can be purchased from the business supplies (item #543, 25 bags for $3.50)

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  1. WOW!!!! great website!!! I will be checking this often as you know I always seem to have endless questions;) I JUST ordered my bags this morning...